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        Online educational resource on achieving indoor environmental quality with radiant based HVAC systems
        Not for profit educational resource on indoor environmental quality.
        Fundamentals of indoor environmental quality / thermal comfort and air quality solutions using radiant based HVAC

        Free Book - Just Released!

        Thermal Comfort Principles and Practical Applications for Residential Buildings
        by Robert Bean








        Popular Topics
        Alliesthesia & Homeostasis
        Academic Scores due to IEQ
        Advice for Consumers: Radiant
        Aging: Thermal Comfort & IAQ
        ASHRAE 62.2 2011 vs. 2013
        Bathroom Fans: Renovation
        Being an Engineer
        Bibliography: Radiant/Comfort
        Bibliography: Indoor Air Quality
        Budgeting: Indoor Climates
        Budgeting: Design Services
        Building Efficiency Categories
        Building Enclosures, Part I
        Building Enclosures, Part II
        Building Orientation
        Built to Code: Means what?
        Building Science w/ SEM

        Concrete & Embedded Pipes
        Comfort: A Condition of Mind
        Comfort or Energy Efficiency?
        Conduction Animation
        Consulting Services (ICCI)
        Control Valve Theory
        Convection Animation
        Dedicated Outdoor Air System

        Design: Before You Start
        Design: Downward heat loss

        Design: Sample Commercial
        Design: Sample Residential
        Design: Sample Schematics
        DIY HVAC
        Duct Tape: Not for Ducts
        Earth Tube Heat Exch.'s
        Effectiveness Coefficients
        Efficiency: Boilers
        Energy/Exergy Efficiency
        Engineers: Do I Need One?

        Engineers: Residential Fees
        Embedded Pipes in Concrete
        Ergonomics & Productivity
        Exergy & Sustainability
        Exposome: An Introduction
        Filter Fist-a Cuffs
        Floor Temperatures
        Flooring R values
        Flooring and Boiler Efficiency
        Forensic Services
        Health and HVAC systems
        Heat Transfer: Introduction
        Heat, Air, Moisture Modelling
        Heated Hardwood Flooring
        History of Radiant Heating

        History of the HRV/ERV
        Human Factors
        Human Thermal Plume
        Humidity & the Environment
        HVAC & Energy Efficiency
        HVAC Does Not Equal IEQ
        Hybrid: Landmines to Avoid  
        Hybrid HVAC Systems 
        Hydronics:Codes & Inspections
        IAQ Health Diagnostics
        IAQ Investigator
        IAQ VOC Simulator
        IEQ and Energy
        IEQ and Health
        IEQ and Productivity
        IEQ Research
        IEQ Residential
        IEQ Self Assessment Form
        Indoor climate system scores
        Integrated Design: Project Ove
        Integrated Design: illiteracy
        Kitchen Range Hoods
        LED Lights & Lamps
        Lifetime Housing
        Mean Radiant Temperature
        Moisture Monitoring
        Operative Temperature
        Organisms in Your Home
        Passive Heating
        Passive Cooling
        Paying for Downgrades
        Radiant Animation
        Radiant Based HVAC Guide
        Radiant Cooling, Introduction
        Radiant Cooling, Projects
        Radiant Cooling, Calculation

        Radiant Cooling Systems, Pt 1
        Radiant Cooling Systems, Pt 2
        Radiant Cooling Systems, Pt 3
        Radiant Cooling Systems, Pt 4
        Radiant Cooling Systems, Pt 5
        Radiant Cooling Systems, Pt 6
        Radiant Cooling Systems, Pt 7
        Radiant Design Guide Level 1
        Radiant Design Guide Level 2
        Radiant Design Guide Level 3
        Radiant Enables Efficiency
        Radiant Facts and Myths
        Radiant Flooring Guide
        Radiant Gone Wild
        Radiant History, 1868 A.D.
        Radiant History, 1500 B.C
        Radiant Mistakes to Avoid
        Radiant Theory
        Radiant Tube Depth: Effects

        Radiant Walls for Retrofits
        Radiation Pressure of Light
        Reflective Insulation: Myths

        Relative Humidity
        Six Rules for Designers
        Snow Melting Storm Data

        Temperature Indices
        Temperatures: Inside Surfaces
        Thermal Comfort
        Thermal Comfort for Auditors
        Thermal Comfort Calculator
        Thermal Comfort & IAQ
        Thermal Comfort Myths
        Thermal Comfort: Principles
        Thermal Comfort: Endocrine
        Thermal Comfort: Perspective
        Thermal Comfort Survey Part I
        Thermal Comfort Survey Part II
        Thermal Manikins: Research
        Thermostats: Setback
        Thermostats vs Skin Sensors
        Vocabulary of Thermal Comfort
        Toxic Homes (CARP)
        Transient Soil Temperatures
        Under slab insulation
        Validating Designs
        Water Heater Efficiency
        Water Heaters as Boilers
        Windows for Cold Climates
        Walls for Cold Climates
        Zoning a Building Guide

        Building and IEQ Wisdom
        28 bits of wit, wisdom & witticisms

        “…a rational calculation of heating and air-conditioning systems must begin with the conditions for comfort…”
        Prof. P.O. Fanger

        "Current building codes do not specify criteria for IAQ; they simply mandate the capacity of the ventilation system"
        National Research Canada

        Energy & Indoor Environmental Quality - News

        Open for registration: Integrated HVAC Engineering: Mastering Comfort, Health, and Efficiency.

        Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence Finds Permanent Home in an American Institution.

        New feature page: Humidity: An Important Nexus in Indoor Environmental Engineering

        Design for People - Good Buildings Will Follow

        Historical figures in indoor environmental quality, Hippocrates, Vitruvius, Nightingale and Galton

        Since the times of Hippocrates, Vitruvius, Nightingale and Galton, the health sciences and building sciences have studied energy and indoor environmental quality.

        Do you really know what thermal comfort is?Thermal plume courtesy of Prof. Gary Settles (PSU)
        Image Credit:? Dr. Gary Settles

        The fundamentals of thermal comfort Using thermography to show the thermal signature of baby on a cold floor
        Image Credit: Dr. ArthurTucker/SPL

        Room thermostats vs your own thermostats
        Over 160,000 thermal sensors versus a $20 thermostat...can you see the problem?
        Image Credit: ?Martin Dohrn / SPL

        Modelling thermal comfort
        Screen shot from ASHRAE 1383 Software

        What makes a building comfortable?
        A study in mean radiant temperature
        Finite Element Analysis of two wall assemblies. Image credit ?Bean / Posey.  Blue is the outer surfaces. Notice the cold penetrating the wood stud in the bottom image but not in the top image.

        How will your indoor climate system score?Where will your indoor climate system score?

        Building sciences: Scanned electron microscope (SEM) images of materials of construction 

        Flooring Guides

        365 Day Transient Soil Temperature Analysis
        Finite Element Analysis of hourly temperatures around a foundation in Calgary, Alberta

        Site established in 2004 by
           Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)

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        Big news - Podcast Launch

        Book Reviews
        Home Comfort by Nate Adams
        H2NO by Andy Ask

        Important Consumer Bulletin
        Joint statement by Canada's HVAC Trade Associations on the quality of designs, installations and inspections of residential HVAC systems.
        ASHRAE focus on residential sector.

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        Other Resources
        Indoor Air Quality @ Home
        Quotes on IEQ
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        For the kids
        Indoor Air Quality 
        IAQ Research Resources

        Dr. Jessica Green, Microbes: Buildings are complex ecosystems 

        Dr. Charles J. Weschler, Healthy Buildings Research: New Developments, Future Directions and Potential Solutions

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